Gebetsmuehlen Paro

Since yesterday morning we are in the country of happiness – Bhutan. Purely the journey to come to Bhutan was a highlight. With the government-owned airline Drukair, we flew from Kathmandu to Bhutan and were already lucky at the check-in. We got seats on the left side of the aircraft. Perfect to catch a glimpse of the highest mountain of the world. You just need good weather conditions. After a few minutes we had a completely cloud-free view to the himalayas and the breathtaking Mount Everest. Incredibly impressed we took hundreds of pictures and couldn’t tear ourselves away from the aircraft windows. This view was spectacular. After 50 minutes of light we arrive the small country Bhutan.

Mount Everest

After we got our stamp in the passports, our team of  Enchanted Kingdom Tours was already waiting for us. One guide and a driver will show us the country the next week. Tobgye, the manager of the company with whom we were in contact before to plan our journey, welcomed us with a lucky cloth. Immediately afterwards we started with our first sightseeing.

Our first stop was the Paro Rinpung Dzong, which is used as a monastery as well as a government building.

Paro Dzong

Monk Paro

In Kichu Lhakhang, the monastery, which we visited after that, Tobgye showed us how to properly worship as a Buddhist and explained countless paintings and symbols on the monastery walls to us. With many new impressions we then visited the National Museum. There we got more information about the culture, religion, and also about the animal world of Bhutan. We were not even aware what biodiversity is represented here.  Incredible colorful birds, tigers and crocodiles. Though a huge range of different animals can be found here.

Then we drove to our accommodation. The Metta Resort near Paro. We had no idea what to expect in terms of the hotels in Bhutan, but we were very pleasantly surprised. The accommodation was very appealing, the room was huge, there was hot water in the shower and everything else that you know from good western hotels.

After lunch we drove to Tachogang Lhakang, a small temple not far from Metta Resort. Here we also got explained the details of construction, details on specific meanings of numbers and symbols as well as several statues of deities of those who brought the Bhuddismus to Bhutan. Very interesting. Finally we drove to the city Paro (with about 15,000 inhabitants), walked through the roads and visited a local vegetable market.


Gemuesemarkt in Paro

Before dinner we experienced the special hospitality of Bhutanese. As soon as we entered the lobby of the hotel, the entire staff stood up and greeted us with a smile. They really make you feel completely safe and very comfortable.


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