Ost Bali

Since we are travelling with the ferry from Padangbai on Bali to Lombok in 3 days for our volcano ascents, we decided to spend the last days in Bali on the coast in the small village of Candidasa.

Here we wanted to explore the surroundings and organized a driver. We had chosen what we wanted to see in advance and so the temple Goa Lawah with a bat cave, a place where traditional salt is produced, the largest temple in Bali on Mount Agung and the watertemple Tirta Gangga were on our schedule.

Due to the fact that the 13.09. is a holy day for babies, the Tumpek Wayang, is celebrated with a puppet show, to bless the babies, ceremonies were also on the following days. And so we had luck once again to watch a ceremony in Goa Lawah. Hundreds of Hindus contributed gifts at the bat cave to a shrine, dedicated to the gods.

Goa Lawah Fledermaus Tempel

Then we drove to the Natural Salt Maker. Here, the salt was won of sea water in a very original way. A very complicated and strenuous process. Since you rarely find something like this in these times, we bought packet of salt here.

Natural Salt Maker Candidasa

The largest temple in Bali was unfortunately a little bit disappointing. Not because it wasn’t nice, but due to the commercialization. Everywhere local vendors sold sunglasses, prayer accessories or sarongs in all colors. The tourist guides have a pretty brazen pricing here. The originally requested was $30 but we were able to bargain it down to 50.000Rupiah (3.50 ), which our driver also said would be a good price. Here you unfortunately had to organize such a guide because it may otherwise partially be problematic to get into the temple.
Aside from the annoying sellers and begging children quite a nice temple.

Temple Bali

After lunch we went to the Tirta Gangga Water Temple. This was something completely different. The temple was very generously laid out, with large ponds and water features. It was somehow like the typical castle gardens. Our crazy idea to film the huge Kois, ended up with a flooded GoPro as we had forgotten that the waterproof back door was not installed.

(After a long drying in rice it works fortunately again now 🙂)

Check out our Indonesia video 🙂 ?



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