Holy Spring Bali

After we were lying too long in bed this morning (we are on holiday :)) the yoga unfortunately did not work out, so the plans for the day were a bit overturned after breakfast and we decided to drive to  the temple Tempak Siring. So we looked for a friendly Balinese, who drove us there. Easy.

The Tempak Siring with its source Pura Tirta Empul is one of Bali’s most important temples and is mainly known to the holy spring water which promises a healing effect. Always one day after full moon  a special ceremony takes place and we were coincidentally lucky that just yesterday was full moon. So we were allowed to attend such a ceremony. After many offerings were made​​, the locals gathered in front of the source for the common prayer. It was really interesting to  to witness the whole ceremony. Everybody was again super friendly and instead of being annoyed by the tourists,  a Balinese gave me a flower that was meant as a gift for the gift table.


Praying Man

After an extensive tour, we decided to go back to Ubud, but our driver recommended a side trip to a coffee plantation. The plantation is known for a world-renowned manufacturing process. In Germany the coffee is known as cats coffee. In Bali it is called Kopi Luwak. The coffee beans of the expensive precious beverage are eaten by a civet, processed“ in the digestive tract and then excreted, collected, washed, peeled and roasted. To try the coffee, which was already known to us from television (Galileo), one cup was offered for a price of 5 (incl. 9 additional coffees and teas to compare) . Of course we wanted to know if you can make not only money out of poop but also the coffee which tastes good ? In addition to the expensive Kopi Luwak (here € 240 per kilo) we could try, for example ginseng, vanilla and cocoacoffee and lemon grass tea. After the first sip, we were very pleasantly surprised. Even I, as a non coffee-fan, the cats coffee was delicious. Mild and somehow chocolatey. If you ignore the origin, really a really good poop coffee 😉 Anyway, we haven’t bought a package, because although the coffee in Germany (€ 1,200 per kilo) and Japan ($ 75 per cup) is a lot more expensive, we were not willing to pay € 25 for 100g of coffee beans.

Kopi Luwak

After we had done enough good to our gourmet palate, we went back to Ubud to buy some clothes before heading to the very quiet Sidemen tomorrow.

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