Gili Meno Shakes

We walked enough. From now on we will only relax on Gili Meno. After our Rinjani volcano tour we drove to the port of Bangsal to ferry across to Gili Meno.We were lucky and were able to do it with a family on the island, as on the public ferry, we would have had to wait 2 hours. On Gili Meno, which is the smallest of the three islands located off the Lombok coast, we went to our accommodation Ana Warung bungalows. Rather than using a taxi we went there with a horse, as all motorized vehicles are prohibited on the island. This makes it very quiet and there are no annoying honking. At the Ana Warung bungalows we moved into our little hut, which is just 20 meters from the beach. So you can fall asleep while listening to the ocean.

The next days were spent mainly relaxing on the beach, read and eat. Not to be completely lazy, we checked out the nearby diving school Divine Divers for a dive yesterday morning. Fortunately, the dive ran without any ear problems or other complications. So we could see an eagle ray and a few other rare animals. Unfortunately, we were not very enthusiastic about the rest of the underwater world, because the corals were quite color- and lifeless. We have already seen better dive sites. Anway…now we have two more days and we will arrange them rather lazy. Maybe a massage, a little snorkeling or circle the island (probably lasts about 30 minutes;)). Overall, we really like Gili Meno. Turquoise blue waters, white beaches, very quiet and perfect for relaxing.

Gili Meno Strand

There are a few cafes nearby where you can drink cocktails, fruit shakes or have your dinner. For a perfect paradise only the palms on the beach are missing. Really pleasant is the fact that here are hardly any tourists. The beaches are almost deserted. However, currently new accommodations are built on every corner and so this island will probably soon no longer be quite so quiet.

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