Latemar Karersee Dolomiten

7:00 the alarm clock rang…and what was the first thing we heard? Rain! And the weatherforecast doesn’t gave us any hope for improvement. To follow our second favorite hobby, we went for mountain biking to Nova Levante, South Tyrol. From there we started our tour to the UNESCO world heritage – the Dolomites. We hoped for better weather and loaded our bikes into the car. After 2 1/2 hour drive and several toll stations you are already in Italy. There we checked in at Hotel Diana. Unfortunately, thick rain clouds hung on the mountains as well. So we decided to explore the area by foot first. So we went from the hotel via a small path, along waterfalls to the Lake Carezza. Actually a crystal-clear, turquoise shimmering small lake below the Latemar massif. But our view of the lake unfortunately looked like this:

The next day the weather let us down again and we left our bikes in the shed one more time. In an 8 hour hike we explored the rock labyrinth at Latemar. There we wanted to find a geocache and hide our travelbug but even after 1 ½ hours crawling in various crevices we gave up. But the clouds parted slowly and the impressive surroundings appeared. In the evening we enjoyed after a good night’s sweating in the organic hay sauna the insanely delicious 5-course menu, which was waiting for us every night.


Day three Hooray blue sky! We grabbed our mountainbikes and headed to the Vajolet-Hut. The largest part of the tour was really nice, with great views of the Dolomites and a nearly deserted stretch. When it went up a steep gravel road to the Vajolet at the end of the tour, it was somewhat uncomfortable. This was partly because of the temperatures, but especially because of the crowds of walkers, which were carried up the mountain by bus, and they only walked the last piece to the hut. Therefore, we stoppped our tour here and celebrated Björn’s birthday with a pancake and snowfall on over 2200 meters.

Vajolet Huette

On the last day of our weekend trip we had fantastic weather with over 20 degrees. We had picked out a panoramic tour out of a mountainbike magazine, that actually offered beautiful views. Tired but very happy we drove back home in the evening after a lot of meters in height.

Latemar Dolomiten Rosengarten Dolomiten


For interested mountainbikers, here are the tours as GPX-Files for download:

MTB-Tours Dolomites



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