Sidemen Reisfeld Trekking

To do something else than sleeping in, relaxing and lying by the pool, we decided to spend the second day with a trek through the rice fields of Sidemen. We walked with a 19-year-old local through the fields, over rivers and small huts of the peasants.

Sidemen Trekking Haus

We already knew quite a few rice fields from the area around Ubud and from passing by by car, but in these fields, we came very close to the true life. Up close, we observed the Balinese how they planted the small rice plants, cleaned or prepared the field. Above the ricefields, the women washed their children as well as their laundry in the river.

Sidemen Trekking Traktor

In Sidemen we experienced the simple life of the Balinese people. In this small town, tourism is not as big as for example in Ubud, so that you can see the dwellings, temples, and everyday life instead of the many stalls and shops. Next stop is now Candidasa, where we will take the ferry to Lombok after a few quiet days .


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