Frauen Reis Feld

Yesterday we had to get up early. As the owner of our villa has recommended that we start before 8 o clock on a day trip through the countryside of Ubud to see the temples and sights without many other tourists, we followed his advice.

Originally we wanted to rent a scooter and thus explore the area around Ubud itself, but unfortunately we haven’t our international driving license  with us and without that you can indeed but you shouldn’t borrow scooters, because otherwise the police give you a fine. Thus, we decided to drive from  town to town with a taxi.

So we went for about half an hour by car to the first temple, past huge fields on which all sorts of vegetables and other stuff were grown. Interesting to see how peanuts, chilies and peppers were planted and harvested. Here we got a nice glimpse into the everyday life of the Balinese in the fields.

Arrived at the first temple, the Pura Taman Ayun, we were surprised: Not a single tourist, nobody at the entry, only gardeners who cultivated the plants, welcomed us super friendly and smiled at us. Perfect! That’s how we like it. Alone to enjoy the atmosphere.

Then we drove to the northern highlands of Bali, past huge lakes to Pura Ulun Danu, a beautiful water temple on lake Bratan. Again, a maximum of five other people in the area. A good tip of our driver to get up so early 🙂

Wassertempel Bali

When we had seen enough temples, we went to a small „secret“-tip, a waterfall near Munduk. About 400 meters off a small street was a steep walk right into the undergrowth and at the end we were almost alone in the middle of nature in front of a 20 meters waterfall. Impressive!

Wasserfall Munduk

On the way from the waterfall to our next destination, our driver showed us a few Balinese delicacies, like small rice bags with peanuts or pieces of banana or mangosteen, an apple-large, very sweet purple fruit. Super yummy!
After about an hour ride, we arrived at the rice fields of Jatiluwih. A vast area with flat-scale rice terraces in a lush green. Workers cleaned there diligently the small rice plants. Cows probably help in plowing the fields, stood or lay in small wooden huts. Through the rice terraces leads a small trail that you can walk along and you get an always changing views on the vast territory of Jatiluwih. Really impressive.

Rice Field Jatiluwih

At the end of the day we had made countless photos and videos and seen many sights around Ubud in a day. A little tip: You should always have some cash with you here, because also at the most remote waterfall there is an  entrance“ fee, even if only 20 cents.

For the grand finale our driver, whos is also the owner of our villa, invited us in the evening to a really delicious, vegetarian, home-cooked Indonesian dinner on our terrace.

Today we had to leave our beautiful villa. Since we really like Ubud, we decided to spend two more days in the center. Now we live in Secrect Garden Guest House. An accommodation of small bungalows, located in a quiet side street. And since we had not planned any activities for today, we strolled through Ubud, enjoyed a massage, a b0dy scrub and manicures.

Morning at 10am is yoga radiantly aliveon the program. We hope to get out of bed in time😉


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