Tigers Nest Bhutan

Today we visited the Taktshang monastery, which means “Tiger’s Nest” and it’s most likely best known this name. We started our ascent not far from Paro. Located at 3,000 meters the monastery was built in the 17th century and burned down unfortunately more than once since then. Recently 1998. Fortunately, everything was rebuilt and so we were able to visit the building which is situated directly on a several hundred meters deep rocky hillside.
The climb was a walk in the park in comparison to the volcano. Nevertheless, many (somewhat thicker persons) were transported upwards with horses. Halfway up prayer wheels as well as hundreds of prayer flags were on a small plateau, from which we could enjoy the really great view tothe Taktshang monastery. A short time later we were on the search for a geocache, which should be hidden not far from a small teahouse. And thanks to accurate GPS coordinates we could log our first cache in Bhutan a few minutes later successfully 🙂

Then we continued along the path, hundreds of steps down to a small ravine, passing a waterfall and then up on the other side to the monastery. here our guide told us about the history of the monastery, the construction and the legend why it is called “Tiger’s Nest”. Who wants to know more, needs to come to Bhutan (or google;))
The whole monastery with its many statues and wall paintings in the truly unique location is definitely worth a visit.
After the descent, which was unfortunately a bit rainy, we drove from Paro to Thimphu, from where we will start the next excursions.


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