Packen Indonesien

It’s time again! The suitcases, or rather the backpacks need to be packed. Definitely one of the not-so-nice things about traveling. Since we are in two climate zones this time it was very difficult for us to be prepared for any type of weather and yet only pack the essentials. This time our packing list has helped us to forget nothing, such as the diving licenses, which we somehow never think of in advance. In addition, we packed our GPS this time to record some routes and also to search for a few geocaches in Indonesia and Bhutan .
Regarding the clothes, we rely fully on our three-layer and very thin down jackets this time, which will hopefully help us not to freeze on the 3800 meter high volcano.

In addition, new in my luggage is a thin travel pillow because I always have problems with sleeping on foreign ones. Overall, we packed 10 kg per person. What we have taken – or not –  you can watch in our short time-lapse video.

Tomorrow we just need to tidyup a bit, empty the fridge and handover the keys. Then the preparations have been completed and we can start on Friday morning. Finally!!


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